Ryan Munevar

Cocker Spaniels from Hell

12:45 Sunday July 16th, 2012 ARMY Recon Chopper – 500 Feet in the Air Every man, woman, and child was ripped apart in the town of Powell, Wyoming.      “The cocker spaniels are on the move, heading north East about 12-15 miles an hour,” Captain Hillard said to General Graft.      “Start the evacuation of Cody,” General Graft said into the microphone of his helmet. 1:15 PM Sunday July 16th, 2012 3rd Street Catholic Church, Cody, Wyoming – Emergency Response […]

200 Bucks an Hour: Chapter 1 “Getting Head”

Oh God… woke up in a pool of blood again, on the hard wood floor, in the middle of my studio apartment.      Shit, not since last Tuesday, the day I gave up drinking have I woken up covered in blood, but this time it wasn’t my own.  At least I couldn’t feel any cuts.  I laid there for about five minutes, slowly blinking as I stared at my ceiling.      I just knew Jesus was going to […]