Category : Short Story

Fuck Sharks

     I was floating in the ocean while taking a piss when the shark bumped its nose into my crotch.      You do know, that they, being the fish, use our ocean as their own personal toilet.      Well, they can go fuck themselves.      But at that moment I felt a bit egotistical, so yea, I made a fist and punched that motherfucker in the nose the next time he made a pass.      He knew it.      […]

Fat Rash

The point of working out around midnight at an all hours sports club is to avoid the lines at the machines, the beasts in the sauna, and in general people all together.  But even at this hour some of them slip through.  The fat man changing next to me was no exception.  A man so fat that even his skin was repulsed to be near him.  It was the kind of fat that turns the skin a fluorescent red glow […]

200 Bucks an Hour: Chapter 1 “Getting Head”

Oh God… woke up in a pool of blood again, on the hard wood floor, in the middle of my studio apartment.      Shit, not since last Tuesday, the day I gave up drinking have I woken up covered in blood, but this time it wasn’t my own.  At least I couldn’t feel any cuts.  I laid there for about five minutes, slowly blinking as I stared at my ceiling.      I just knew Jesus was going to […]